First night with DJ Claude Rajotte

On May 19th , 2017, the famous music lover Claude Rajotte turns to Dj-ing as part of DJMTL team. DJ LeMonk joins him as well as the collective La Réunion for his first official evening in Drum n’Bass version. DJ LeMonk will be in House mode. An exclusive event...

Opening exhibition by Santerre: Yes we Cannes!

Opening exhibition of images dans l’image, by the painter Éric Santerre, at the chic Cirka distillery on March 12, 2016. He will be exhibiting in Cannes soon. DJ LeMonk will be in Deep House version and Nü disco for the occasion. Info on Facebook .

DJ LeMonk and DJ YRO start DJMTL

DJ LeMonk joins DJ YRO to start the DJ and event booking agency DJMTL inc. The company already has several DJs on its teamTo know more about it, head to Also on FACEBOOK.

DJ LeMonk at the Terrasse de L’Auberge

After playing at the Taverne Gaspar all winter, Dj LeMonk will be at the Terrasse de L’Auberge for the summer. You’ll see him every Thursday in Deep House mode. Exotic cocktails, breathtaking views and energetic music on the program.

Bal Masqué: Opening exhibition – Santerre at the Louvre

On April 24th, 2015, the event Bal Masqué will be held for the benefit of the painter Éric Santerre, who will be exhibiting at the Louvre in the near future. Techno atmosphere on the menu with Dj LeMonk, Monokini San and Bonus Beats in the original decor of Galerie...