2022-08-05 au 2022-08-11/ Omnium BN, Stade IGA, Montréal

2022-07-09/ ElectroShack Festival, Sherbrooke

2022-06-24/ St-Jean-Basstiste Festival, St-Zénon

2022-06-04/ Bar Renard, Montréal

2022-06-02/ 212 Montreal, Montréal



François Lemoine
DJ LeMonk is a sound designer and musician specialising in Lounge and Deep House music. At the age of 8, he learnt to play violin, electric bass and singing to evolve in various bands, from classic music to blues and rock. In 2008, he launched his first LP, CAFÉ DEL MONKO VOL. 1, with influences from jazz, funk, latin and electronica.

At the same time, he launched his career as a DJ in several bars, restaurants, festivals and events.

In 2012, he launched his second album, CAFÉ DEL MONKO VOL.2 – EKLECTIC MOODS, which marks a turn towards the House music. In the meantime, he has appeared at the Montreal Grand Prix, the Francofolies, the Salon Daomé, the Éclipse Festival, the Café Del Monko, in the cities of Marseille, New York, Miami and many others.

As a DJ and promoter for underground events, DJ LeMonk has offered the Montreal scene some very exclusive bookings such as Phil Weeks (France), Sound Diggers (UK), Aki Bergen (Italy), Luka Bear (Italy) and Gramophonedzie (Serbia).

DJ LeMonk’s music is sold all over the world on Beatport, Stompy and iTunes. He is currently working on new productions and other exclusive underground events that will surprise you.


2023-08-04Omnium BN
Stage IGA
Extraits musicaux
Court central
4 au 13 août 2023
Camp du Trappeur, Sherbrooke
Tech House
2023-05-13Club L
Deep House
2023-02-18P'tit Caribou
House/Nü disco
2023-02-11Red Party
Deep House
2022-12-08Centre des Congrès
Deep House
2022-10-21Bar Renard
Deep House/Nü disco
2022-09-02Vernissage Santerre
Galerie 1040
Deep House, Vernissage
2022-08-06Omnium BN
Stage IGA
Extraits musicaux
Court central
6 au 14 août 2022
Camp du Trappeur, Sherbrooke
Tech House
2022-06-24ST-Jean Basstiste Festival 2022 ~ ÉCLOSION
6611 Chemin Brassard, St-Zénon, QC J0K 3N0, Canada
Tech House
2022-06-23Modo Yoga
Psybient, Yoga session
2022-06-04Bar Renard
Deep House/Nü disco
2022-06-02212 Montreal
Deep House
2022-05-26212 Montreal
Deep House
2022-05-19212 Montreal
Deep House
2022-05-13Modo Yoga
Psybient, Yoga session
2022-05-12212 Montreal
Deep House
2202-04-22Bar Renard
Deep House/Nü disco
2022-02-19Festival Showfrette
Beloeil, en face de l'église
Nü Disco
Festival Showfrette
2022-02-18Modo Yoga
Psybient, Yoga session
2021-08-12Stade IGA
Omnium Banque Nationale
(ancienne coupe Rogers)
2021-08-11Stade IGA
Omnium Banque Nationale
(ancienne coupe Rogers)
2021-08-10Stade IGA
Omnium Banque Nationale
(ancienne coupe Rogers)
2020-06-21Bourg des Cèdres
Psybient, Yoga en plein air.
Facebook Event
2020-06-19FacebookPsybient, Yoga session
Joanie Tardif, 60 min
2020-04-04FacebookTech House Mix
Facebook Live
2019-11-15Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-11-08Yoga Wanderlust Mile-End, MontréalPsybient, Yoga session 6:00PM
2019-10-18Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-10-05Santerre au Presbytère, Dj LeMonk & Dj Dee, VerdunNü Disco/Deep House
Facebook event
2019-10-04Wanderlust Griffintown, MontréalPsybient, Yoga session 6:00PM
2019-09-20Pub Macintosh, BromontHouse/Tech House
2019-09-12Pub Macintosh, BromontHouse/Tech House
2019-09-06Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-09-05Pub Macintosh, BromontHouse/Tech House
2019-08-30Wanderlust Griffintown, MontréalPsybient, Yoga session 6:00PM
2019-08-22Seaside Sunset Sessions Festival, PortugalTech House/Techno
2019-08-09Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-08-02Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-07-11 Pub Macintosh, BromontHouse/Tech House
2019-06-27 Pub Macintosh, BromontHouse/Tech House
2019-06-14 Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-06-14Bar Les Cousins, BrossardHouse/Tech House
2019-06-06 Pub Macintosh, BromontHouse/Tech House
2019-05-31Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-05-30Pub Macintosh, BromontHouse/Tech House
2019-05-24Bar Les Cousins, Brossard
Deep House
Grenade, MontréalDeep House
2019-05-17Bar Les Cousins, Brossard
Deep House
2019-05-09Pub Macintosh, BromontHouse/Tech House
2019-05-03Bar Les Cousins, Brossard
Deep House
Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
Yoga Wanderlust Griffintown, MontréalPsybient
2019-04-12Yoga Wanderlust Mile-End, MontréalPsybient
2019-04-05Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-03-29Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-03-08Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-03-01Yoga Wanderlust Mile-End, MontréalPsybient
2019-02-15Yoga Wanderlust Mile-End, MontréalPsybient
Bar Les Cousins, BrossardDeep House
2019-02-05Salon Daomé,Montréal
Tech House Facebook event
2019-01-30Yoga Wanderlust Mile-End, MontréalPsybient
2019-01-21Grenade, MontréalDeep House
2018-12-16Moksha, VaudreuilPsybient
2018-11-28Wanderlust Mile-End, MontréalPsybient
2018-11-18Moksha, VaudreuilPsybient
2018-10-23Observatoire PVM, Private party, MontréalDeep House
2018-10-21Yoga Moksha, VaudreuilPsybient
2018-09-13Yoga Moksha, Vaudreuil
2018-08-26Yoga Moksha, VaudreuilPsybient
2018-08-20Aire Commune, MontréalDeep House
2018-08-04Festival Poutstock, MirabelTechno
Facebook event
2018-07-26Rajotte, La Shop, MontréalTechno
Facebook event
2018-07-13Groove Nation, MontréalTechno
2018-06-08Yoga Moksha, VaudreuilPsybient
2018-06-07Bar Renard, MontréalDeep House
2018-06-01Yoga Wanderlust Mile-End, Montréal
2018-05-11Yoga Wanderlust Griffintown, MontréalPsybient
2018-04-28Techno Trax, La Shop, MontréalTechno
Facebook event
2018-04-27Yoga Moksha, VaudreuilPsybient
2018-04-18Yoga Wanderlust Mile-End, MontréalPsybient
2018-03-23Bar Renard, MontréalDeep House
2018-03-10Atelier Santerre, MontréalDisco-House
2018-03-02Yoga Wanderlust Mile-End, MontréalPsybient
2017-11-03Atelier Santerre, MontréalHouse
2017-10-27Bar Renard, MontréalDeep House
2017-10-14Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House
2017-09-23Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House
2017-09-14Mangiafoco, MontréalDowntempo/Deep house
2017-09-03Club FK, LavalTech House
2017-08-26Claude Rajotte, Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House
Facebook event
2017-07-12Bar Renard, MontréalDeep House
2017-07-02Space Gathering Festival, Notre-Dame-de-la-PaixTechno

Facebook event
2017-06-30Club Unity, MontréalTech house
2017-06-03Atelier Santerre, Rajotte, MontréalTech House

Facebook event
2017-05-21Club FK, LavalTech House
2017-05-19Claude Rajotte, Assommoir, MontréalDeep/tech House
2017-04-29Sabi Non Stop+LeMonk, Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event

2017-03-04Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event

2017-02-18Andres Vellila+LeMonk, Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event
2017-01-21Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event
2016-11-08Party privé, St-LaurentDeep House
2016-10-29Halloween, LeMonk & Brad Slide, Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event
2016-10-28Horizon Roc, MontréalTech House
2016-10-22Soundshaper+LeMonk, Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event
2016-10-09Club FK, LavalHouse
2016-10-07Private Party, BrossardHouse
2016-09-24Vernissage Santerre, St-HubertHouse
2016-08-27Okin+LeMonk, Grenade, MontréalTech-house Facebook event
2016-08-26Club FK, LavalTech House
2016-08-14Tatanka Festival, La PatrieTechno Facebook event
2016-07-16Sheraton, MontréalDeep House
2016-06-26Listenzik+LeMonk+Sed Aria, Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event
2016-06-21Gare WindsorDeep House
2016-06-19LeMonk+Dissy Pop+Monokini San, Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event
2016-06-12LeMonk+Éloïze+Pullinsky, Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House Facebook event
2016-05-22Club FK, LavalHouse
2016-05-14Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House
2016-04-30Club FK, LavalHouse
2016-04-09Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House
2016-03-26Club FK, LavalHouse
2016-03-24Grenade, MontréalDeep/tech House
2016-03-12Santerre, Cirka, MontréalHouse Facebook event
2016-02-11Club FK, LavalHouse
2016-01-16Club FKHouse
2016-01-02Private Party, BrossardHouse
2015-12-31NYE Party, MontréalHouse
2015-12-26Club FK, LavalHouse
2015-10-23Club FK, LavalHouse
2015-10-15Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-10-11Club FK, LavalHouse
2015-09-24Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-09-03Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse Facebook event
2015-08-28Pit Caribou, PercéÉlectro-Swing
2015-08-13Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-08-06Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-07-30Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-07-25Juste pour rire, MontréalDowntempo
2015-07-23Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-07-17Private Party, Île NavarkDeep House
2015-07-16Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-07-09Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-07-06Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-06-20Club FK, LavalHouse
2015-06-19Private Party, Hôtel WindsorDeep House
2015-06-18Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-06-11Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-06-07Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-06-06Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-06-06Tesla, Studio Loco, Montréal, 1:00AMTechno Facebook event
2015-06-05Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-06-04Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-05-28Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-05-21Terrasse de l'Auberge, MontréalHouse
2015-05-14Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-05-07Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-04-30Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-04-24Galerie Éphémère, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2015-04-16Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-04-09Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-03-27Exotek, Passeport, MontréalTech House
Facebook event
2015-03-25Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-03-18Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-03-03Station In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2015-03-01Station In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2015-02-28Station In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2015-02-21Private Party, StokeHouse
2015-01-29Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-01-22Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2015-01-15Gaspar, MontréalDeep House
2014-11-28Private Party, DurhamHouse
2014-10-04La Marche à côté, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2014-08-09La Marche à côté, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2014-06-29World Pride, TorontoTech House Facebook event
2014-06-07La Marche à côté, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2014-05-18Club FK, MontréalTech House
2014-05-03Le Marche à côté, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2014-04-25Station In Vivo, MontréalTech House
2014-04-12Station In Vivo, MontréalTech House
2014-04-05La Marche à côté, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2014-03-29Station In Vivo, MontréalTech House
2014-03-23Station In Vivo, MontréalTech House
2014-03-01Station In Vivo, MontréalTech House
2014-02-26Oskar Bistro, BangkokDeep House Facebook event
2014-02-08La Marche à côté, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2014-02-01Station In Vivo, MontréalTech House
2014-01-04Station In Vivo, MontréalTech House
2013-12-07Station In Vivo, MontréalDeep House
2013-11-28Fondation du maire, MontréalDeep House
2013-10-09Evolo, MontréalDowntempo
2013-09-30Evolo, MontréalDowntempo
2013-09-24Salon Daomé, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2013-08-23Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-08-15Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-08-08Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-07-28Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-07-26Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-07-12Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-07-04Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-06-27Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-06-22L'Inspecteur Épingle, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2013-06-20Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-06-15Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-06-05Station In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2013-06-05Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-05-30Bistro In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2013-05-23Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-05-16Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House Facebook event
2013-05-13Café des éclusiers, MontréalDeep House
2013-03-20Pepe Nero, MiamiDeep House Facebook event
2013-03-19Pepe Nero, MiamiDeep House Facebook event
2013-03-28Pepe Nero, MiamiDeep House Facebook event
2013-03-17Enso Lounge, MiamiDeep House Facebook event
2013-03-01Bistro In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo Facebook event
2012-09-28Bistro In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2012-08-03Delta, MontréalTechno
2012-07-31Phil Weeks, Salon Daomé, MontréalDeep House Facebook event
2012-06-15Bistro In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2012-06-12Evolo, MontréalDowntempo
2012-06-09Club Baby, MarseillesTech House Facebook event
2012-06-01Bistro In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2012-03-21Phil Weeks, Tantra Lounge, MiamiTech House
2012-02-25Aki bergem, Café Del Monko, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2012-12-20Sounddiggers, Salon Daomé, MontréalJackin'House Facebook event
2011-11-25Bistro In Vivo, MontréalDowntempo
2011-11-18Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-11-12Luka Bear, Café Del Monko, MontréalTech House Facebook event
2011-11-01UdeM, MontréalDowntempo
2011-10-27Université McGill, MontréalDowntempo
2011-10-19Fondation du maire, MontréalDowntempo
2011-09-23Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-09-03Sounddiggers, Café Del Monko, MontréalJackin' House Event
2011-07-29Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-06-11Gramophonedzie, Café Del Monko, MontréalHouse Facebook event
2011-06-03Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-05-13Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-04-29Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-04-15Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-04-01Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-03-18Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-03-04Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2011-02-04Université McGill, MontréalDowntempo
2010-12-18Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-12-01Harricana, MontréalDowntempo/Deep House
2010-11-18Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-11-09UdeM, MontréalDowntempo
2010-10-28Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-10-07Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-10-04Université McGill, MontréalDowntempo
2010-09-29Café Del Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-09-23Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-09-22Café Del Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-09-15Café Del Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-09-13Lolita Bar, New YorkDeep House Facebook event
2010-09-09Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-09-08Café De Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-09-01Café De Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-08-26Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-08-25Café De Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-08-18Café De Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-08-12Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-08-11Café De Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-08-25Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-07-28Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-07-15Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-07-08Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-07-03Live performance, Café Del Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-07-01Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-06-30Café Del Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-06-23Café Del Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-06-16Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-06-16Café Del Monko, MontréalDeep House
2010-06-09Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-05-27Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-05-14Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-05-06Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-05-01Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-04-22Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-04-10Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2010-04-09Delarte, MontréalDeep House
2010-04-08Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-03-31Salon Daomé, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2010-03-23Segafredo, MiamiDeep/Tech House Facebook event
2010-03-23Vlada Lounge, MiamiDeep/Tech House Facebook event
2010-03-20Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2010-03-18Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-03-11Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-03-04Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-02-27Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2010-02-25Mondo, SherbrookeDeep House
2010-02-08Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2010-02-04UdeM, MontréalDowntempo
2010-01-28UdeM, MontréalDowntempo
2010-01-16Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-12-31Château St-Ambroise, MontréalTech House
2009-11-28Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-11-22Fondation du maire, MontréalDeep House
2009-11-21Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-11-20Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-11-17Chocolats GG, DIX30, BrossardDowntempo
2009-11-14Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-11-13Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-10-31Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-10-24Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-10-23Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-10-16Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-10-09Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-10-04Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-10-02Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-09-25Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-09-20Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-09-18Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-09-11Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-09-06Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-08-30Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-08-28Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-08-23Salon Daomé, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-08-21Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-08-16Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-08-14Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-08-07Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-07-31Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-07-26Eclipse Festival, ManiwakiDeep/Tech House Event
2009-07-19Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-07-17Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-07-05Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-07-03Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-06-27Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-06-26Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-06-21Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-06-12Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-06-07Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-06-05Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-05-29Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-05-22Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-05-15Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-05-08Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-05-01Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-04-24Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-04-22Live performance, Zoobizarre, MontréalDowntempo Event
2009-04-17Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-04-10Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-04-03Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-03-27Segafredo, MiamiDeep/Tech House
2009-03-25Segafredo, MiamiDeep/Tech House
2009-03-15Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-03-13Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-03-06Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-03-01Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-02-27Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-02-20Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-02-13Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-02-12Chocolats GG, DIX30, BrossardDowntempo
2009-02-11Live performance, Quai des brumes, MontréalDeep/Tech House Event
2009-02-08Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-02-06Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-01-30Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-01-24Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-01-09Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2009-01-08Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2009-01-02Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-12-31Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-12-26Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-12-19Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-12-16Chocolats GG, MontréalDowntempo
2008-12-07Santropol, Cabaret juste pour rire, MontréalDeep House
2008-12-05Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-11-23Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House Event
2008-11-21Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-11-14Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-11-13Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House Event
2008-11-01Cabaret Masqué, LavalTech House Event
2008-10-31Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-10-30Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House
2008-10-24Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-10-23Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-10-17Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-10-10Caffuccino, Sherbrooke Deep House
2008-10-09Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House
2008-10-03Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House
2008-10-02Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House
2008-09-27Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-09-25Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo/Deep House Event
2008-09-20Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-09-19Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-09-18Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-09-12Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-09-11Saloon, SherbrookeDeep/Tech House Event
2008-09-05Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-09-04Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-08-29Assommoir, MontréalDowntemp-Deep House Event
2008-08-28Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-08-23Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-08-22Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-08-20Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-08-16Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-08-15Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-08-14Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House Event
2008-08-09Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-08-08Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-08-05Francofolies, Metropolis, MontréalHouse Event
2008-08-02Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-08-01Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-07-26Festival Trailleuse, St-GrégoireTechno Event
2008-07-25Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-07-19Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-07-18Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-07-12Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-07-11Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-07-10Saloon, MontréalDeep/Tech House Event
2008-07-07Live performance, Grand Prix de MontréalDowntempo Event
2008-07-05Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-07-03Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-06-28Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-06-21Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-06-19Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-06-14Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-06-12Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-06-11 Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-06-10Lancement d'Album, Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo Event
2008-06-06Live performance, Grand Prix de Montréal Downtempo Event
2008-06-05Live performance, Grand Prix de MontréalDowntempo Event
2008-05-29Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-28Saloon, MontréalDeep-Tech House Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-23Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-17Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-16Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-15Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-10Cardio Baladi, NEF, SherbrookeTechno Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-10Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-09 Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-03Théâtre Plaze, MontréalHouse Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-05-01Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Downtempo-Deep House Event
2008-04-26Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-04-25Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-04-19Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-04-18Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-04-17Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-04-11Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-04-05Cardio Baladi, NEF, SherbrookeTechno Event
2008-04-05Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-04-04Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-04-03Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-03-29Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-03-28Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-03-14Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-03-11Cardio Baladi, NEF, SherbrookeTechno Event
2008-03-07Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-03-26Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-02-29Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-02-16Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-02-08Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-02-07Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2008-02-02Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-02-01Nuevo Supper Club, MontréalDeep House Event
2008-01-25Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-01-18Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-01-04Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2008-01-03Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2007-11-28Live performance, Assommoir, MontréalDwontempo-Deep House Event
2007-11-21Live performance, Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2007-11-02Caffuccino, SherbrookeDeep House Event
2007-11-01Dia de los muertos, Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2007-10-07Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House Event
2007-09-12Le Mois de la photo, MontréalHouse
2007-08-30Assommoir, MontréalDowntempo-Deep House



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